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I have recently been able to go into my backlog and finish up a game I have waited to get to for a long time, Dishonored. In this game you follow Corvo, the Lord Protector turned murderer. Throughout the game you will find yourself trying to save the empire as you try to clear your name of any wrongdoing. Be aware though, as you play through this game you will also have to deal with the plague that has struck the city. Choose to either play this game in a stealth way, go crazy attacking everyone, or some combination of each as you decide your path.


The only real negative I was able to gather from this game is that the controls were sometimes fidgety. As in when you would try to do one thing and it would do it to an extreme point. This is not a big deal however and does not ruin the draw or game play of the game itself.


This game just oozes creativity. The environment is beautiful. The story is breathtaking. The game just does such a good job of drawing you in that you cannot help but keep coming back for more as you work your way through the campaign. Some of my personal favorite things that I think helped make the game as great as it is, is the game mechanics. Dishonored has these interesting supernatural powers that let you do some really cool things as you play. The semi-open world concept is also awesome. You are able to choose your own path throughout missions and simply wander around in the world that they created for you. The best thing however that was already mentioned above is the story. The story is wonderful and creative, allowing you to become part of this magnificent world they have created for you.


Overall Dishonored is a fantastic new franchise to the video game space. It creates a beautiful and immersive environment with a well-crafted story line. I would happily award this game a score of 9.0/10, signifying a wonderful game. We highly recommend that you check this game out and enjoy it for yourself. If you do not have a PlayStation 3, do not worry! It is also available on many other platforms. These include the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and of course the PC. Definitely check it out!


As a fan of Far Cry, you know that the most recent version of the game has new features that will make playing a lot more fun. To jump in and get better scores, it helps to make use of this basic Far Cry 4 walk through so that you can continue to enjoy everything about it.

As an overview, know that all the quests that are part of Far Cry 4 are basically the same as they are. They still include diffusing bombs, hunting animals, completing assassinations, hunting for supplies, choosing Golden Paths, going through propaganda centers, and the Pagan’s wrath. Kyrat is a much more complex place in which to get around in this version of the game, so as a quick tip you will want to grab the radio towers first and get yourself a tiny helicopter, too. This will help you get around a lot easier.

The main protagonist of the game is still Ajay Ghale. He is continuing to look for a great spot to spread his mother’s ashes. Her dying wish was for them to be spread somewhere in Kyrat, and as in the other Far Crys, Ajay becomes involved in the civil war and winds up being the successor to Pagan Min as the King of Kyrat. This Far Cry 4 Walk through will now cover the missions and side quests.

You will want to choose your Golden Path. You can decide on Sabal or Amita’s paths. Try both to see how they both end up for you. The quests are found at the Side Quests scattered on the map.

These include all the quests outlined above,

As you complete various missions be aware that one way to keep the protagonist strong in the game is by making sure he has all the gear he can get. A great way to do this is to hunt animals as soon as you get your tiny helicopter. This way, you can cloth him properly so he can comfortably complete the Shangri-La Missions, the Yogi Missions, the Longinus Missions and the Reggie Missions.


Top 5 Grand Theft Auto V Characters.

1. Lester Crest

Lester is the mastermind behind all the heists and although he suffers from a wasting disease which has gradually worn down his motor skills during his life and left him wheelchair-bound he is still no less of a threat. He excels best behind his computer screen and is not a person you would like to piss off.

At an unknown point in time, Lester met and became affiliated with Michael Townley and Trevor Philips, becoming a regular member of their heist crews since the start of their partnership.

2. Lamar Davis

Lamar is the best friend of Franklin Clinton they both went to Davis High School together when they were teenagers. Eventually, the two men became involved in crime. Now going about stealing (or “repo-ing”) cars for the dealership where they work. Lamar always has something intelligent to say, even if he doesn’t have the eloquence to really say it, and he shows that there is more to a small time gangster than meets the eye.

Fun Fact: Lamar was originally supposed to be the character that Franklin ended up being but due to a last minute decision by Rockstar his role was altered.

3. Micheal De Santa / Townley

Michael Townley used to be part of a big time gang, pulling off bank heists and getting into ferocious shoot-outs. After he is shot by the police, however, he decides to take the way out; witness protection in exchange for information.

Michael is a great character to balance the three protagonist structure. He strikes a balance between Franklin’s cool, collected attitude and Trevor’s crazy. Michael can be as reasonable as the next guy, but when he’s in a bad mood, he can almost be as manic as his old partner. Michael is about as far away from the stereotypical GTA protagonist as you could get, and it seems rather fresh to start off the game as a success this time round.

4. Franklin Clinton

Franklin is a small time gangster, working for a crooked guy who wants him to boost cars for a living. Franklin is the first playable character in GTA V (discounting the prologue) and is our first introduction to the sprawling world of Los Santos.

Franklin was born in South Los Santos in 1988. Following his mother’s death, Franklin moved in with his grandparents. Despite being constantly spoiled by his grandmother, Franklin had decided to take on the role of a street hustler. One of his first jobs was selling cigarettes with Bradshaw however, it isn’t until Franklin jacks Michael’s son’s car that he is promoted into the criminal world of high risk, high reward.

5. Trevor Philips

Who else could it have been? Rockstar’s newest psychopath is different because he’s also a protagonist. Trevor Phillips is wild and unhinged. His company, Trevor Phillips Industries, seems to only have two things on its business plan – kill everyone and sell some meth. As the story progresses, Trevor carries out torture, brutally murders people, takes a man’s wife hostage and continues his one man rampage.
Trevor is an unbelievably complex character, and will go down in GTA history as one of the wildest characters ever.


Lately in the gaming world many new consoles have been introduced. Choosing one can be difficult but one of the most popular and most chosen is the Nintendo Wii. The Wii is chosen for many different reasons such as its ability to be played online, its motion and wireless allowed play and most of all the awesome games that you can get for the Wii.

Exercise Wii

Everyone likes a great workout that gets them up and moving and the Wii system was built with that in mind. Several Wii games out there include fitness routines that can help you stay in shape and feel great. The Wii Fit has been very popular as well as games based on karate and zumba. Many people are amazed that they can find great quality games with the Wii that can help them to make sure that they exercise and get up off the couch. When playing your Wii make sure that you exert caution and have the Wii controller around your wrist as in difficult exercise routines your Wii remote could slip out of your hands.

Fun for the Wii

If you are interested in Wii games you should take a look at some of the fun games out there. One of the most popular is the Mario series. Super Mario, Super Mario Galaxy as well as Mario Kart. There are many others in this product line that are extremely fun to play. If you prefer more games you can find some of every different genre. If you like fighting games you can find those and if you like army games or even children’s you will have no trouble finding the perfect game for you.

If you love sporting such as baseball, basketball, soccer and archery there are many different kinds that you can get to play on your Wii. One of the most popular is the Wii Resort Sports. Filled with many awesome tasks such as bowling and tennis you are sure to have fun.

Where to Purchase

There are many locations as to where you can purchase Wii games. If you want to purchase used many stores will sell these for a fraction of the price and you can also find them online. Keep in mind though the games are used and if they do not work chances are you will not get your money back. You also run the risk of the game being scratched and not working well. So always check the game out thoroughly before you purchase that game.

Another option is to purchase your Wii games new. Purchasing your games new will allow you to make sure that you are getting a quality game that will work and if something does go wrong with it you will have no trouble returning it. You can purchase your games online at many different gaming stores or in local retail stores in your area. Be sure to shop around so that you can find the perfect price for your particular game.

With the invention of the Wii the gaming industry has been revolutionized. You can now find games to play that you would not ordinarily purchase so if you are interested in gaming, purchase a Wii and get all the Wii games that you are interested in. You will not be disappointed and will spend hours playing your favorite games.